Friday, December 21, 2007


Just playing around with a gun design. Perhaps it has something to do with what I'm working on, or perhaps its a visual for an RP I'm gaming, but I'm not tellin'. Besides its innocuous enough. More designs to follow.


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Saving Scotland

Its happened! Something to get me off my duff and blog. In all actuality I've been very busy and everything I've been drawing I can't post. Bummer. But alas a buddy of mine pointed something out to me which I had to take on. The new slogan for the Scottish Tourism campaign.

Don't laugh this is serious stuff to me. ( being scottish-my family actually arriving to the americas with the mayflower-no bull) Ahem. So on with the story. Last years slogan was- "The Best Small Country in the World" Well after 6mos and 250 thousand lbs ( thats a half million dollars here in america) the advertising company came up with this years slogan and the scottish government surely got their moneys worth- "Welcome to Scotland"

If you just slappedd your hands to your forehead I did that too. So now I am on a mission with the help of friends to come up with a better slogan and possibly a graphics campaign that is way better than - "Welcome to Scotland" And so far we have 130 way better alternatives. Come next friday I will sort through the list and pick the 10 best and send them to the scottish government for a looksee and see if they wont amend there current solgan.

So roll up your sleaves and if you got a better idea than "Welcome to Scotland" I'll send it on up to the First minister himself Alex Salmond and see if we can't rectify this gross over sight.

Mandrews out