Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yeah.... I game! so what

I've said it before so I'll say it again- Gaming is such a rich resource to inspire the imagination. In fact its THE BEST. anyway heres some characters I did for a superheros campaign I ran several years ago. Rule number one DONT DO A SUPERHERO CAMPAIGN. It was fun and all but its a big pain in the ass. any gaming in modernday is well kinda crappy. Why? Because we know to much so the convention of suspension of disbelief is out the door. Fantasy even sci fi works the best.

Images below inspired from the game.

These guys are the Instructors at the Academy. They help you train and develop your powers. No they don't have any powers of their own...or do they?

Bad guys- everyone below is a super villian the characters had to fight. Some have super powers and a couple ( you'll pick 'em out) are genenticlly designed ala Dr. Moreau.

And then theres my Dr Doom tribute villian.

Mandrews out

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Monster show down!!!

Sam Hiti has a great blog site if you dont already know about it called fist-a-cuffs at ----
Check it out. this is my monster the GORKENGIEL. pronounced Gor-ken-geel. Its going in to the tag team rounds on fista kuffs with C. Scott Morse's monster. So keep your eye open and vote for me.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Batman vs Spiderman

Lets here it for a geek debate. Now asume that it is not just a contest of stregnth ie they not just a fist fight in a sealed room. This is a chance encounter at night on th erooftops and each thinks the other is a badguy...and its to the death. Use your reason not your passion for your favorite. who'd win?

Mandrews out