Thursday, September 28, 2006

Painting and Roleplaying

Yeah I do it....roleplay. D&D for the uninitiated. So what. i used to play D&D when i was a kid. in college I graduated up to Rolemaster a percentile based system which really livened things up. Anyway....Its a great way to exercise the mind and to become a better actor, pretender, and its the best place to generate characters and stories. here's some inspiration that have come out of Roleplaying.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Swordplay and Storyboarding

I hate exercise. Getting to the gym and pumping iron, running, I hate it. Why? It feels like a job. And its boaring. BUT WAIT!!! theres something better. Swordfighting combine cardio with strength training and you can't get bored when steel is being swung at you. So I love exercising now. I've been fencing for 13 yrs now all types, olympic three weapon, rapier dagger, broadsword, kendo. Its a blast and peels off the pounds. Larsen ( the guy featured opposite me in the photos) is my workout pal and he is just learning but gives me a run for the money. below are photos of broadsword action but I will post Rapier action as well. We wear armor while rapier fighting and go full tilt. Its awesome.

Oh yeah by the way PIXAR is looking for board artists so get your portfolios in asap!!!!

Fighting after lunch
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Proper stance is important( notice Larsen and I have switched to Rapiers)
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Typical ward ( typical on lookers)
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broadsword in action
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more broadsword action
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Larsen and me fighting on Skye- were all the great celtic warriors trained ( so what if we're using plastic swords)
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Mandrews out

Friday, September 08, 2006


Sorry for no posts in awhile but ive been in SCOTLAND. anyway I'm back sooooo. Heres some images of my poor modeling attempts of the cyclasteed.

The original design drawing

the maya models