Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy 2012

Well gang sorry I've been highly remiss in continuing my blog but I have good reasons.

1. co wrote co directed John Carter with Andrew stanton out this year in March 9th go see it.

2. Directing Brave also out this year- actually still making it. out in June go see it.

will try to post more but am teaching as well not to mention being a dad of 4 keeps extra drawing down to a minimum. Plus everything Im working on I cant show you. legal reasons. I know BS but there it is. Hope all are well and have a great 2012. heres a little something I can show. I still keep up with the sword fighting. heh heh


Yes this is what I do at work all day. This is an edited version ie cut to be a cool action sequence. yes its sped up just a bit.... but only a bit. enjoy.