Thursday, April 10, 2008


Thats right true believers, I think I am crazy enough to do it again. Call me insane ( just not to my face 'cause I'm sensitive) but I have this overwhelming desire to do another one. I've had this story I've been kicking around way before COLOSSUS about this cowboy who gets...well...abducted. He wakes up in an enclosure that looks just like the wild west except its only a couple square miles, the rest is a hologram. Not to get to into it he meets up with different alien beings who have also been taken away from their worlds and want back. So our unlikely group have to not only solve the mystery and find a way home but survive each other in the process.

I don't know how long the book will take me to do but probably a year or so. It will be 200 plus pgs and potentially full color. I'm just starting to do some exploration with the characters and look before I lay into it. pgs will be updated on the blog as I go.

Takes a deep breath, wipe forehead aaaaaand..... GO!

Mandrews out

main character Blackjack

color or....

Black and white, I haven't decided yet.

a bad guy. automaton called the KEEPER.