Monday, October 28, 2013


The Invid were always cool. Wide ass crab lobster inspired designs, even the Zentradi were awesome. So taking a walk down memory lane I was inspired to make my own Invid. Brings ya back doesn't it? MANDREWS OUT

Monday, October 21, 2013


What is better than an attack helicopter???? well thats a loaded question.... ignore that. This is yet another inspired creation. Found designs on the web and "altered" them just a little but its a bad ass rustic version only those crazy Russian designers can come up with like the "Hind" and the "Hokum" the "havoc" all my favs. So enjoy this one! and watch the skies! DEATH FROM ABOVE BABY! MANDREWS OUT


God how I love them. Always have Always will. Found an image of one on this awesome blog and was inspired to make it. Enjoy MANDREWS OUT


I thought I'd stop doing Ships ( although I love them) but try doing something a little more..... humanoid??? So here is my first attempt at doing a combat robot! MANDREWS OUT


Just an idea for an automated drone ship. Two different variants. MANDREWS OUT