Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dagger ship!

I didn't know what else to call it. What are ya gonna do? This ship was done entirely with the ground push/pull tool. I made each side and then stuck them together. Then for some details I used the stamp tool. pretty awesome tool for punching shapes into your mesh. The computer does all the work. So there you have it. Not a super organic shape but I like it. More on the edgy side. ( opposite of smooth) MANDREWS OUT

Tuesday, September 03, 2013


Completely different. thats how the Monty Python saying went. So here it is. A flying warship. Its for an idea I am currently working on. I placed some figures on the ship for scale. Of course I couldn't find any lizard men, so 'Beast' works just fine as some kind of bizarre were wolf cat thing. Basically its an evil ship crewed by evil things. And it flys. oh, and blows crap up! MANDREWS OUT


Or in actuality TRIANGLES ( which is three). I had this idea based off of a triangle and followed my nose down the rabbit hole to see where it would lead. Either its a strange new version of a Klingon Bird of prey or its some new STAR WARS assault ship. You pick. JJ you can have it for free!!!!! MANDREWS OUT


That one was fun as hell- ALL CURVES. the more the better. Pushing myself and the program ( or my lack of understanding "how" to use the program) and I came up with this nifty looking large battleship-esque space ship. MANDREWS OUT


ANd I don't mean knives. Am playing more and more with subtle curved shapes, the more confident I get with Sketch up. So here is a lethal little fighter craft. Single seater but packs a deadly punch...er, or stab?! MANDREWS OUT