Thursday, April 12, 2012

Journey to BARSOOM

Now the John Carter (of MARS) is out on the big screen I think its time to finally show what I have been doing. Besides being the Co writer Second unit director on the movie I got to help visually develop the project from the beginning. So here are some of my first concepts for the THARKS.

Andrew Stanton and I had always seen them as native like, masai, aboriginal-esque warriors. Tall, sinuey, no body fat, elegant. I incorporated armor, since they were warriors, they would have some protection. It would be more ornamental like (yet functional) made out of metal scavenged from the wastes of Barsoom. I even gave them shields to be used as portable Pavise to provide cover while shooting their long rifles.

In the end we settled for Tharks that were more primitive. But thats what VIZ DEV is. exploring the possibilities. and its always a fun Journey.


And this..... was my first idea for a Thern. Crazy! But being that we made them Shapeshifters ( ala their technology ) who knows what the really look like. I guess we'll need a second movie to find out. Man we had big plans for the continuing tales of Carter on Barsoom. But who knows.....

Monday, April 02, 2012

Just Drawing

Its been a while, sorry. But now that my current obligations are winding down I may actually have more time to post stuff. So here its is. Just a little something I'm exploring. Yes its massive. A giant walking flaming demon castle thing. Like a medieval transformer..... but BETTER!