Friday, March 21, 2008


Yup! Its that time again. more abstracts. I just can't get enough. trying something different this time with good ol' mr. square ass brush and opacity. But what are they? You the viewer decide.

guess I better break out the box O' oils and a canvas and get doing this for real!!!! Maybe one will be hanging in your house!

Mandrews out

couple of new ones

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I've worked on several animated movies and when I was in high school and college shot goofy kung fu movies and stuff but really making a movie ( not that animated films aren't real you synical types) thats a whole new ball of wax that challenges your film making shot creating core. I've been fortunate to have been able to shoot two live action short films and have learned tons from each one. "VIOLET" I got to direct that. And I just finished shooting "TRIFLES" I was DP on that with some-well lets be honest-lots of help from my good friend Peter Sohn who knows his lights.

Trifles is Directed by Pam Walker based off a play that she adapted. SHe directed the stage play and loved the material so much wanted to shoot a short film. So she asked me if I'd DP. I said yes then called my crew from violet right away- Sohn and Patrick James. Pam got a great crew together everyone from Pixar- with the help of Sabine Koch (producer) and the set was run like clockwork by Stacey Hendrickson (first AD). The actors were great and we shot the film over three consecutive weekends.

The story is-in a nutshell- about some farmers wifes who solve a mystery their husbands can't. It's a real good piece and it was fun to shoot, moody and creepy. I dig it. You learn a lot shooting on a set being restrained to three walls, you put to use all you know about creating images when you're actually physically doing it. Its not easy. And I highly recommend it.

So here are some stills I took while on set.

We shot on High Def video with the Panasonic HD 24p and rented a lens package with 5 lenses from 18 mm to an 85 mm and also had the Fisher Dolly. Awesom Awesome Awesome. Made shooting so much fun. You could do almost anything with that awesome machine ( starting to sound like Micheal Bay). I highly recommend dropping the 3g's a day and rent one for your short film. heh heh

Of course this is the movie I'd prefer to shoot. heh heh

Well, maybe next time. I've got an idea for a WW1 short I may be persuaded to do. Looks like its time to sell some stock.


Monday, March 10, 2008


So when I'm putting the kids down to sleep and I've gone through my emails. looked at posts on the blog, checked out my routine websites and blogs just waiting for the kids to fall asleep I doodle. abstract doodle. I go crazy with the lasso tool color distort filter layers. its fun and kind of consuming. so heres one.

Mandrews out