Sunday, February 17, 2008


This will be the END PAGE of my 18 pg short that will be in AFTERWORKS 3 coming out late this summer. Most likely the book-an anthology of comics done by artists at PIXAR- will be out for APE in San Fransisco.

Mandrews out

Monday, February 04, 2008


Started this semester teaching VISUAL STORYTELLING at CCA. Up to my third week now, I think its going well, you'd have to ask my students what they think. each week is a 2 part assignment. watch the assigned movie and do a drawing assignment. so far they've watched 'Man who would be King' and this week 'Mad Max'. I have so much to teach and show its hard to figure out exactly what and since they are all beginners to really keep things basic at first. I'm working on teaching story hand in hand with boarding.

So I get my own apple thanks.

-special thanks to Dice Tsutsumi for the apple painting workshop-

Mandrews out