Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Hey, it just hit me... I should post some boards. Its what I do everyday, why not? Well because i can't really show off what I'm working on because its all top secret and stuff. Don't want to spoil the surprise. BUT!!!! I have dug through my huge flat files and found some good stuff that I can share. The following is part one of a sequence I did a while back for a friend of mine who was getting a project going. It didn't take off sadly but the bit I worked on was a blast to do.

Set in the 20's-30's gangster era, its about three brothers "the Rossos'" who are italian hit men. In this scene their is an ambushed planned to take them out. Well the Rossos' are just too good.

I use this sequence when I'm teaching as well, to show economy in boarding, how reusing shots keeps the audience clear on where we are. Look for the visual clues in the sequence that identifies the particular enviroment or setting we're in from shot to shot.

The sequence was totally created. I had no script just the formentioned idea of it. Then I was left to my own devices.

enjoy. And be advised there is dialog and there is language and violence. I'd rate this sequence 'R'

Rosso sequence part 1

read left to right then down a line repeat-

(scroll down to clear text on right)