Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What Brown didn't do for me!

Well the San Diego Comic-Con is over and did I have a blast. But it wasn't all fun and laughs no sir. It started off a very different story.

UPS screwd me! Thats right. I was all ready to recieve my shipment of Colossus-- 18 packages, 39 books a box. It was sent express from India. Thats right India. Had my books printed over there. They were shipped to be here in time for comic-con. i had schedueled to leave on tue night. Be there wed morning unload set up camp with the rest of the E-ville Press guys( thats short for Emeryville where me and some of my other buddies work, thats right, comics isnt my day job).

So, I track the shipment, left New Dehli on Thur should arrive Mon thats three working days as promised for exprees ( they get Saturday for free) so thats actually four working days. Me and the boys were planning on having a sale at our place or work on monday before the con. So when do my boxes arrive.......? Tue! That five days boys and girls five freeking days!!!- AND THATS EXPRESS!!!! Not only are they late, like hours before I leave, they don't deliver all my boxes!!!! 16 out 0f 18?!!! WHAT THE HELL???!!!

I rent a cargo van so that all th eE-ville Press guys and myself can load up and make one trip, but because the books are late I have to rent a second van and drive myself down and unload by myself ( missing the forklift do it for you day) It was stressful and a mess.

So I had planned to drive down with my family but instead was stuck in a van for 12 hours. UPS screwd me.

Anyway, it turned out all right I set up shop, we had two tables. Sold 194 books, 15 shirts, and three pages of original art. Hung with my guys, had a great time with my family in the off hours and saw Gene Simmons.

what a comic-con.

Moral of the story- dont use UPS

the books arrived

the long drive at night

The table set up

the whole set up on my side of the table. Thats Ted Mathot on the left- his book kicks butt Rose and Isabel find it get it.