Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Its a concept that has been around a long looooong time. Colonizing another planet is the next step in space exploration, but not the moon, or mars, or some dinky asteroid, another earth is the prize target. So what do we do IF we find one? We go! but how? we don't have faster than light travel. So we build a ship to take a bunch of people that would live and die on the ship and in a few generations their descendants land on and colonize the planet. It science reality not Sci-fi and its happening now. 100YSS ( 100 year star ship ) is an organization dedicated to the research development and inevitably the making of a ship that will carry people 100 years away in space to a new earth. AWESOME. heres my concept for a GENSHIP. propelled by nuclear propulsion ( we have plenty on the planet:why not use 'em) to go .1 the speed of light. Make a 10 LYR journey in 100 yrs. its mankinds destiny. get on board. MANDREWS OUT


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