Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Was looking at a lot of the space ship designs in STARBLAZER's lately. I likes the submarine-esque quality to thin, with the added modern day battle ship towers and gun batteries. So I started playing around with cylinders. I flattened one into an oval and liked it so much I abandoned that way of thinking and just ran with it. Throw in a bunch of recessed cannon ports ( cause I learned how to use the "intersect faces" tool) and you have yourself a super sleek warship!



Akin to a "destroyer" class ship today. This guy is smallish but as you can see, well armed! I mainly focused on using hexagon sales in the stylings. Loosely inspired by Ron Cobb's "Nostromo" designed for alien. Very Loosely. Cause his is way WAY better than this thing. Anyway, I likes the tubular shapes he used in the design.


the FIN ship

I had an idea to build a ship around some huge fin shape. And so thats what inspired this one.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Yeah it kind of looks like a flying eyeball. But what the heck. Gotta start somewhere. Remember I am just playing around with this stuff. Finding shapes, exploring, following my gut, investigating down rabbit holes seeing where it takes me.

This one is a weird one, but its kind of interesting. Like some kind of planet exploration ship or something. Pilot and gunner up front in bottom "EYEBALL" part. while the science team is up top.