Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Its a concept that has been around a long looooong time. Colonizing another planet is the next step in space exploration, but not the moon, or mars, or some dinky asteroid, another earth is the prize target. So what do we do IF we find one? We go! but how? we don't have faster than light travel. So we build a ship to take a bunch of people that would live and die on the ship and in a few generations their descendants land on and colonize the planet. It science reality not Sci-fi and its happening now. 100YSS ( 100 year star ship ) is an organization dedicated to the research development and inevitably the making of a ship that will carry people 100 years away in space to a new earth. AWESOME. heres my concept for a GENSHIP. propelled by nuclear propulsion ( we have plenty on the planet:why not use 'em) to go .1 the speed of light. Make a 10 LYR journey in 100 yrs. its mankinds destiny. get on board. MANDREWS OUT


Did some more futzing around on the ol' Kutomspar. its taking shape. MANDREWS OUT!

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Thats the name of this ship. In a moment of genius dyslexia I had come up with a total original name. Someone had asked where we were going and I replied "to Toms car." but it came out...."Ku-toms-par" Some friends and I were playing a sci-fi roll playing adventure and the name stuck for the name of our ship. So I thought I'd try and build it in sketch up. MANDREWS OUT

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


not that I have tons of idle time on my hands but I do have some time, so I can fill it reading, or drawing, or surfing the web, or..... MODELING FUN BITCHEN' SPACESHIPS. But to dream up my own designs.... hard. So I found this awesome ship by Pierre-Etienne Travers, on concept ships http://conceptships.blogspot.com/ ( an awesome website by the way) and built it best I could. Yeah yeah no shaders and lots of detail missing, I'm not great by any means, but it is meditative and soothing to model. I love the physical puzzle of building. So thank you mr. Travers fantastic ship. MANDREWS OUT

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Heres another take. Slight modification from previous craft. MANDREWS OUT

Monday, May 13, 2013


Yup, knocked this out in a couple of hours. thought I'd share. some kind of drop ship or something. MANDREWS OUT

What can I say....

Its been TOOOOOOOOO long. But I'm back and can hopefully share more what I am working on outside of my real job. I have discovered the best thing in the world- sketch up by Google. Its an awesome little 3d modeling program and, Its free!!!! I've been doing tons of stuff with it. Even redesigned my kitchen and built a guest house using it. But here are some more fun things I've been doing with it. enjoy MANDREWS OUT