Tuesday, October 27, 2009


No art this time just some images of actual combat. I've been doing martial arts of one form or another since I was a teen but SWORDPLAY has become my pastime of choice for the last 20yrs. So below are some captured frames showing full contact rapier fighting with my pal Larsen ( whom I've been teaching for the last 5 yrs at least). this isn't your typical on a strip traditional fencing but more like " renaissance street fighting". Its as close to actual combat you can get. No holds barred- hence the motor cycle armor which as you can see leaves certain areas very vulnerable.

Hell were not trying to kill each other....... well we are, but not for real. We have a point system so you can literally bleed someone to death as a tactic used in a real fight or kill them with one blow.

So below are all the kill shots from a 5 minute bout.

enjoy. These pictures are 3 yrs old. Larsen and I have moved onto longsword....... sans armor. and no.... not full contact. That would be dumb.

I'm on the left- Larsen is on the right ( in shorts) I lunge and he hits me with a thrust to my underarm- pierces my lung. I'm dead

A simple thrust catches Larsen in the neck. Its just a poke but its his jugular so..... He's dead.

Larsen grabs my blade. HEY! ( totally legal in a street fight).

My blade caught Larsen goes for a cut, which I block with my hand. Ouch!

So I kick him in the gut! Also legal in a street fight.

I press the advantage of the kick and a cut to the head finishes Larsen off.

Later.....a well timed thrust catches me in the belly. I'll bleed out for the rest of the day and then die. Sad.

Attack and defend. We both attack at the same time but I block his cut with my arm and land my cut to his head.

A big and risky move, I commit to a leaping off line attack and luckily land a cut to the head.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Sorry everyone, but you know how it is. I have been very busy but in my line of work, alas, I cannot share all the cool ass shit I've been doing. But here is something. Just picked up an Iphone and if you don't have one....GET ONE! It is the miricle machine or what I like to call, the GOD BOX. it can literally talk to god. Anyway so you can get applications for it, little programs fo all different kinds. I have one called sketchbook which allows you to draw and its really cool. So now when ever I'm waiting around, I have a digital sketchbook book with me at all times. And here is one of my first sketches.

I'll try to post more often.