Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It Begins: and the readers have chosen...

So its going to be Samurai Warlords. Heres one panel of the comic I just finished today. More to come. But not all. I don't want to spoil it.

The two Samurai are equals, and they hate each other. Each thinks he's better. This escalates until they have to duel to prove once and forall whos best.


Mandrews out!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


thats right, its coming. I hope you all have your Afterworks 1 and 2's already. Afterworks 3 is going to be huge. So I'm thinking about doing a piece in it. Like.....

I found a story about two Japanese warlords that hated each other so much they got tired of just calling each other names and decided to put they money where their mouths were. so they each brought their armies out to fight. once there they decided to fight each other one on one. This was the time in japan before the Samurai's soul was the sword and was instead the bow. so they dueled and shot each other full of arrows as their armies watched. at the end they both collapsed near death and were taken back to their respective kingdoms to heal. from that moment on they were best friends.

its between that and a little short story of Colossus running around during WW1. He'd slice a WW1 tank open...thats kinda cool.

I can't decide.

Test page.

Mandrews out