Thursday, November 24, 2005


Thats right so shoot me. I'm a plien air fan. I love it. and here is one of mine. more to post as I get time to paint them. all done on photoshop with a cintiq and not going outside once. Kinda defeats the porpuse huh. Well, I think of these little compositions more like an exercise.

Mandrews out!

This painting done with Artrage and my cintiq-



These paintings all done in Photoshop and my cintiq-

Thursday, November 10, 2005


will be publishing COLOSSUS in March. Thats right will be publishing COLOSSUS in march. It will be available through Amazon. Barnes&Noble and your local comic book store all over the country. Thats right baby!!!! ALL OVER THE COUNTRY.

Hell I was as surprised as you when my good buddy Scott Morse called me and told me his pals at are interested in COLOSSUS. So I met with these great guys- Jim and Eric, and BOOM!!!! will be publishing my comic COLOSSUS.

Is that not cool or not!

The book will be exactly the same- BUT BETTER- it will have better paper and perhaps for the published COLOSSUS a new cover. Im still thinking about it.

So thats it. Keep on the look out cause Ive hit the main stream in mighty morphin comic quality atomic powered publishing... that would be baby!!!

heres a little something- a tease for the up coming short story I'll be doing in AFTERWORKS 2

Mandrews out!